inSIG 2019 | Indian Community-Driven School on Internet Governance

My Experience at inSIG 2019 | inSIG (India School on Internet Governance) | Ashwin Reddy

“inSIG 2019 Fellows”

“inSIG is a School, not a conference; Please be on Time” – Amrita Choudhury

This is my post-Youth IGF India 2019 experience, inSIG was a follow-up event to YIGF India 2019. This year, 4th edition of inSIG was being conducted in Kolkata from (15th Nov-17th Nov) at Ecohub, by Internet governance community organisers jointly by the Delhi, Trivandrum, Kolkata and Mumbai Chapters of Internet Society. India School on Internet governance 2019 brought together fellows, IG experts & representatives of different stakeholders (domestic & international).

To read my experience before and during YouthIGF India 2019 check this out –

inSIG 2019 Fellows

Day 1: [15th November 2019] Registration

Keynotes: Internet Governance

Perspectives on Current State and Future of IG by Maarten Botterman,
(Chair, ICANN Board) and Paul Wilson (Director General, APNIC)

Is multi-stakeholder model right to way to deal with IG? How time-efficient is it?

Internet Governance in India: A brief history

Dr Govind, inSIG

History and Principles of Internet Governance

Internet Timeline

  • 1969 – First Packet Switching
  • 1972 – First Electronic Mail was Sent: [email protected]
  • 1973 – NCP – Network Control Programme
  • 1974 – TCP/IP with IPv4 was Designed from Computers to Networks
  • 1985 – DNS Introduced (MIL/GOV/COM/NET/ORG/EDU/INT)
  • 1988 – USENET | Large Networks/BITNET/USENET/30000 Nodes
  • 1990 – Commercial services started operation (Peering Connections)
  • 1991 – Commercial Internet Exchange
  • 1992 – HTML was Invented, ISOC was Founded
  • 1994 – First IBM web page Browser Mosaic
  • 1994 – [April]: WebCrawler
  • 1995 – Yahoo / Internet Explorer / Alta Vista
  • 1996 – Ask Jeeves Search Engine (UK)
  • 1998 – Google, ICANN was Founded
  • 2005 – Video Sharing (Youtube)

Panel Discussion : Emerging Challenges in Cyber Security

Moderator: Rajnesh Singh (ISOC)

Samiran Gupta (ICANN India Head), Sushobhav Mukherjee, Tathagata Dutta

The Dutch approach to Internet Governance

Arnold van Rhijn, Netherlands Government

He currently serves as Senior Policy Coordinator Global Internet Governance at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands.

Day 2: [16th November 2019]

Panel: Governance of Online Content

Moderators: Amrita Choudhary (ISOC-Delhi) & Prateek Pathak (ISOC-Mumbai)

Panel: Dr. Sumit Narula (Amity), Nehaa Chaudhary (IKIGAI Law), Shashank Mohan (

IG and Multilingual Internet: IDNs & UAI

Satish Babu (APRALO), Harish Choudhary (UA Ambassador)

Principles of UA:

  • Accept
  • Validate
  • Store 
  • Process
  • Display

Why is Universal Acceptance Important?

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many other platforms have already started translating content into many different languages. Navlekha is a platform for Digitisations and Monetisation in local languages has helped local bloggers blog in local languages. Google searches are also increasing by 400% every year. IoT devices like Google Home & Alexa are already supporting other languages. This will help EAI (Email Address Internationalisation), which starts getting prominent along with IDNs. Online transactions have not yet started in other languages, but it will surely contribute to Digital Economy if every platform on the Internet can be UA ready.

Multistakeholder Roleplay

  • Technical Moderator – Sabarinath G Pillai
  • Business Moderator – Sneha Tambe
  • Civil Society Moderator – Amrita Choudhury
  • Government Moderator – Shashank Mishra
“Multistakeholder Roleplay”

Panel: ISOC, IGF, APSIG, APNIC, APRALO and APrIGF: Regional and Global Perspectives

Moderator: Glenn McKnight (ISOC BoT)

Panelists: Olivier Crepin-Leblond (ICANN At-Large), Rajnesh Singh (ISOC APAC), Sabrina Lim (ICANN), Ihita G. (India YIGF)

Day 3: [November 17th 2019]

Panel: Digital Economy, Innovation and Inclusion

Moderator: Satish Babu; Panelists: Mansi Kedia (ICRIER), Samiran Gupta (ICANN)

IG Issues: Human rights, Culture, Democracy

Moderator: Dr Govind

Panelists: Nehaa Chaudhary (IKIGAI Law) Shashank Mohan (

Cybersecurity Incident Roleplay

Srinivas Chendi (Sunny), APNIC

Routing/DNS Roleplay

Concluding Session: inSIG2020, Certificates and Feedback

inSIG 2019 Certificate


Special thanks to all the Delhi, Trivandrum, Kolkata and Mumbai Chapters of Internet Society. 

And also my buddies at inSIG 2019.

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